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5 Reasons Why Montana Has The Best Fly Fishing

If you’re from here or have been here for a while, we don’t have to convince you that Montana is one of the best places in the country. Maybe even the entire world. But maybe you didn’t know that Montana also has the best fly fishing.

Keep reading for some of our reasoning why we think your next fly fishing trip should be here – to our favorite state!

The Best Fly Fishing Is In Montana – Here’s Why

There are so many great reasons to go fly fishing, but we think that Montana takes the cake because it has some of the best water, a diverse range of wild trout, and beautiful weather (most of the time). Read some our reasons why we think that the best flying fishing is right here.

Smaller Rivers Are Just As Fun As The Big Ones

Though some of the most popular rivers, like the Yellowstone, are pretty large, we don’t you to forget about some of the smaller rivers and streams! Smaller rivers are still full of fish and often have fewer people. The views are always breathtaking, the diverse species of fish like to bite (usually), and you won’t have to compete for a good spot. In truth, we might even prefer some of the smaller streams, and our Fly Shop has great resources to accommodate all sizes of rivers and nearly all types of fish!

Local Guides Are Awesome

Something that makes Montana stand out is all of the local anglers that want to make your next guided trip the best one ever. It’s important to find guides that not only love to fish, but are patient, encouraging, and willing to meet you at your level.

Here you’ll find the best fly fishing guides – people who have grown up their whole lives fishing and learning the rivers and streams. They will bring you an unforgettable experience that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

The Sky Is Bigger

This might sound silly but Montana is known as Big Sky Country for a reason. The sky in Montana literally feels bigger than anywhere else. The nickname is in reference to our uninterrupted skylines, where the sky and gorgeous landscape seem to never end. It originated with a 1962 promotion of the Montana State Highway Department and has stuck ever since.

The Air Is Cleaner

If you grew up here, clean air might be something you take for granted. But the truth is, Montana is one of the least populated states in America. Fewer people means less waste and less smog from cities. Clean air means you can take a trip to the river and take deep breaths of nature and not wonder if your lungs are turning black with chemicals.

Cleaner air also means that you get to see all of the stars at night. Night skies in Montana are breathtaking, and you won’t find those kinds of views in other popular fishing states.

There Are Less People

We already touched on this, but Montana doesn’t have a lot of people. And if you’re like most fisherman, you value the peace and quiet alone time that fly fishing provides. Fly fishing in Montana is fantastic because you don’t have to compete for great fishing spots. You don’t have to avoid tourists or loud families who want to camp. There is enough room for everyone and enough space to get that peace and quiet we anglers crave.

Still not convinced that Montana has the best fly fishing? We dare you to come visit us. Book a guided trip with us here at Stillwater Anglers, and let us prove to you how great Montana can be for fisherman. We’d love to have you.