Stillwater Anglers Corporate Fly Fishing Retreat

How To Improve Business With A Corporate Fly Fishing Retreat

Have you and your coworkers been getting a little restless? Most leaders and professionals in today’s stressful business environment know that everyone needs an escape from the daily grind, a little break to decompress and refocus. We think the best way to improve your business is to plan a corporate fly fishing retreat!

Here are 5 reasons why a fly fishing retreat with your boss and coworkers might be the greatest idea you’ve ever had.

Gain More Business Success With A Corporate Fly Fishing Retreat

We get it. The daily grind can leave us feeling drained and unmotivated. But a corporate fly fishing retreat might be a great remedy to get your office or team feeling connected and recentered.

Better Relationships Create Good Business

A fly fishing trip is a great way to build better relationships, and let’s face it, you spend a lot of time with coworkers. Though we can’t guarantee you’ll be doing any specific team bonding exercises if you book a trip with us, we can guarantee you’ll have a good time. Communicating in a relaxing environment with your employees or coworkers can help strengthen the bond at work, which can result in a better atmosphere and better business.

Being out on the river and helping each other catch fish and perfecting each other’s casting technique can improve the workplace relationship. Just being out of the office and being in nature often acts as a reset button to less stress and more productivity.

Work and Play Don’t Have To Be Separate

Often times we feel it’s necessary to keep our personal lives and work lives separate from each other, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have fun while with your coworkers! Plan a corporate fly fishing retreat and mix team building and strategy with all of the fun that Stillwater Anglers guided trips have to offer.

From fly casting instruction to wading on the Stillwater River, we guarantee that you and your whole office staff will have an experience you’ll never forget.

Fly Fishing Is Good For The Mind

Obviously, we love fly fishing here, but part of the reason we love it is that it is so good for us. We’ve written about some surprising health benefits of fly fishing, and that includes improving mind strength and decreasing stress.

If you’re a business owner or the boss at work, imagine giving your employees a retreat to look forward to a few times a year that can help boost morale at work during the busy season. Or if you’re still working for the man, imagine how much you might benefit from a yearly retreat to help reconnect with the office and rekindle the passion for the business.

Relaxed Employees Work Harder

Fly fishing is a patient sport. It requires focus, attention, and exercise. Couple that with the reward of a great catch, and you get an activity that relaxes your mind and energizes your soul.

When we are stressed at work consistently, it is no secret that our work suffers. Whether we’re distracted or frustrated at ourselves or others for lack of productivity, stress has a negative effect on our business. Flip that around by decompressing with your fly rod out on the river. A day in the sun and few good trout bites can do wonders to make you and your employees feel more relaxed.

We Only Have Good Experiences At Stillwater Anglers

A corporate fly fishing retreat at Stillwater Anglers is pretty much guaranteed to be a good time, and we bet you’ll walk away with positive memories. All of our experienced guides are accommodating to all skill levels, and they love to help each group they work with have an awesome experience. Regardless of whether you and your staff have never been fly fishing before or whether your team goes fishing every weekend, Stillwater Anglers strives to give you a day full of fish and fun! View our packages and book a trip today!