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4 Ways in which Millennials Impact Fly Fishing Evolution

What is the first things that pops into your mind when you think about fly fishing? If it’s a solitary old man on the river, think again! The fly fishing evolution is powered by millennials. Yes, you’ve read that right – the younger generation has a keen interest in this sport and in shaping a new face for it.

If you think about it, it really shouldn’t be a surprise. We already know that millennials value experiences above owning houses or cars and even above their own status symbol. Fly fishing combines the passion for the outdoors with the drive to preserve nature – both of which are key features of millennials.

Youngsters’ interest in fly fishing is by no means news. In fact, they have already started to impact fly fishing evolution. Here’s how:

Fly Fishing Evolution: the Surprising Impact of Millennials on Fly Fishing

The Preservation of Nature

Programs like TU Costa 5 Rivers combine 5 initiatives: conservation, Costa ambassadorship, fundraising, community outreach and TU connections. They are designed to help students get into fly fishing by creating partnerships that offer them affordable gear.

But, most importantly, they get college students into responsible fly fishing and nature preservation. Millennial fly fishing enthusiasts go beyond simply fishing in season and collecting their trash when they leave the fishing access. They are also actively involved in cleaning the rivers and the surrounding areas. This is crucial for the healthy evolution of fly fishing.

Millennials Are Changing the Way We Travel

Not everyone is lucky enough to live close to the awesome Montana fly fishing accesses. Some of the most passionate anglers have to travel quite a ways to get to their favorite accesses.

To millennials, however, traveling is not a luxury, as it was for their parents. It’s a necessity. Thanks to them, traveling has become more affordable for everyone, regardless of age. When traveling is more affordable, people get to visit their favorite accesses more often.

Better yet, they are afforded a chance to visit new locations and meet fellow anglers. For instance, Montana residents could easily make friends with Colorado anglers – the millennials have encouraged anglers of all ages to travel and make connections and friends everywhere you go.

Millennials Brought Us Fly Fishing 2.0

You’re about to say that you don’t know what “fly fishing 2.0” is, aren’t you? Well, think again! You’re sitting in front of your computer or mobile device reading about fly fishing on a blog. See where we’re going with this?

Fly fishing has conquered the internet. 10 years ago you had to go to the river and learn the basics of this sport. Now, you can become an expert in it without ever leaving your couch. (Don’t get too excited: by expert I mean a theoretician. You’ll still have to get on the river to practice your cast.)

Millennials Bring Technology to Fly Fishing

Yes, automatic rods have been around for quite some time. But have you seen the new ones? Darth Vader himself would be proud of them! They do their job perfectly and they look excellent while doing it.

And changes like these are bound to keep happening. No, this is not because millennials aren’t patient enough and want everything done quickly. It’s because they know the value of efficiency. I know, our grandparents didn’t have automatic rods and they were excellent anglers. But times are changing, fly fishing is evolving and it’s only normal that it evolves in a direction dictated by millennials. Sometimes, this means cleaner waters, other times it means rods that old school anglers may not even know how to use.

As seasoned anglers, we should be proud to pass the torch on to such a responsible generation. Remember when the millennials were pre-teens? People used to say, that as a generation, they wouldn’t amount to much with their noses stuck to screens all day. And look at them know: cleaning waters and literally making the world a better place.