Stillwater Anglers Fly Fishing Photos

Fly Fishing Photos That Will Make You Want To Book A Trip

We can talk about the benefits of fly fishing and how much more enjoyable your experience will be if you book a guided trip, but these fly fishing photos will do all of the convincing for you! After all, a picture is worth 1,000 words, right? Scroll through these 8 photos and then book your Montana fly fishing adventure today.

8 Happy Angler Fly Fishing Photos To Brighten Your Day

You know how you see a photo of a happy person or an inspiring moment, and your whole day is made? We hope these happy anglers will brighten your day like they brighten ours.

Stillwater Anglers Happy Young Anglers

This picture makes us smile for a lot of reasons. First, we love to see young kids getting outdoors and learning about trout conservation and just overall enjoying the river. Second, he’s representing Stillwater Anglers with a really cool hat, and he’s rocking it!

How old were you when you went fly fishing for the first time?

Stillwater Anglers Contagious Smile

This smile is so contagious, we don’t even care how tiny the fish is! And honestly, the joy of fishing is about the process, the size of the fish often doesn’t matter.

It looks like a perfect day, not too chilly, just the right amount of clouds, so we are sure that she got some better catches throughout the day.

Stillwater Anglers Pretty Fish Happy Angler

How pretty is the shine on this fish? We don’t need to tell you how great getting out on the river is, we think these fly fishing photos are telling that story for us! But if you do want the “scientific evidence” of how fly fishing makes you happier, read some of our reasons here.

Stillwater Anglers Matching Patters

This is a good sized trout! We are loving how the spots on the fish seem to match the spots on this anglers hat. The bright sunshine in this photo makes us anxious for summer and we can’t wait to get out there.

Stillwater Anglers Woman Fishing

We love this photo because it reminds us that people of all ages and genders can enjoy fly fishing. From family time to alone time (peace and quiet) on the river, fishing is a great way to spend time outdoors. And we can’t help but notice the Stillwater Anglers swag either…

Stillwater Anglers Perfect Day

Don’t you wish you were a part of this day? Rafting, fishing, big catches, sunshine and good company – you can’t get a better day than that! A catch like this means all smiles, and our guides can help you make a good fishing day even better!

Stillwater Anglers Cool Fishing Day

This day looks a little colder than the others, but this smile and this catch proves that a little cooler weather doesn’t stop a great day on the river! Are you ready for an amazing day full of big fish and lifelong memories?

If you’re not convinced to book a trip, we bet this next photo does the trick!

Stillwater Anglers Huge Trout

Woah! This trout is huge, and one that we would love to catch on a nice summer’s day! Didn’t we say you’d be convinced? Book a guided trip with us today, and count on having a Montana fly fishing adventure you’ll never forget!

Bonus Photo!

Stillwater Anglers Chris Fleck Fishing

We had to include a photo of Stillwater Anglers owner Chris Fleck. Out in the sun, sporting some fun waders, all geared up – this is a fisherman’s dream come true.

Which was your favorite photo? Have any fun ones that would top these? We would love to see them. If you have any questions about how our guided trips work, or even if you have any questions in general, give us a call at (406) 322-4977. We look forward to meeting you.