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Fly Fishing Questions That Will Make Your Guide Crazy

We all know those people in our lives that ask way too many questions, and a lot of times those questions have obvious answers (at least obvious to most of us). Our guides are all seasoned anglers and have probably been asked every conceivable question. However, sometimes we get fly fishing questions that are more than unusual. Read our list of some of the craziest questions we’ve been asked – we bet you’ll be laughing at the end! Then read the list of questions you SHOULD ask your guide.

Crazy Fly Fishing Questions That Will Most Often Annoy Your Guide

Want to drive your favorite guide up a wall while out on a Montana fly fishing adventure? Here is a list of questions you should ask them.

1. “Do I really need my fishing license?”

All the folks at Stillwater Anglers will be polite with you, but this question might get you an eyebrow raise. Here’s our answer: Do you want to fish today? Then yes, yes you do.

2. “How many fish can I expect to catch today?”

We would love to be able to predict how many fish are going to bite, but there are so many factors to consider. Weather, wind conditions, water temperature and conditions, casting skills, which flies you’re using, etc. We will never be able to answer this honestly.

3. “Is it going to be windy all day?”

Again, we aren’t psychic, and we will never be able to predict Montana weather. It could be windy for 5 minutes, or 5 hours.

4. “Why are those guys over there catching more than us?”

We don’t get this question all the time because Montana is not so populated and with few exceptions, our rivers are never too crowded. But it does happen, and there are too many factors to consider. They may be more seasoned anglers, fishing more likely water, or using different flies.  

Another variation of this fly fishing question is, “Why is my spouse or child not catching anything?”

5. “Where’s the bathroom?”

Did you laugh? We certainly did. When you’re on a guided trip, there are usually restroom facilities at the boat launch sites, but once out on the river for the day, there are generally no facilities to be had other than in the bushes or trees along the shore.

6. “Where should I cast now?”

One of the main duties of your guide is to point out what water to fish and where to place the fly. Depending if you’re wade fishing or fishing from the boat, and what type of flies you’re fishing, the guide will coach you as to the best water to fish and how to present the flies. Some anglers tend to get impatient and cast too frequently and don’t allow the fly time to drift. If you’re a beginner or just not super confident, that is fine. As the day goes on though, even the novice angler should begin to anticipate where and when to cast. The guide will give you pointers along the way, but they won’t direct every single cast.

7. “Is this a good place to fish?”

Chances are if we’re fishing it, then that means we think it’s a good place to fish. Occasionally when float fishing, there will be sections of water that aren’t as productive, and we may move through without fishing.

8. “Do you think we would be doing better if we were using bait?”

This is one of our LEAST favorite fly fishing questions. We’re a fly fishing business and a catch and release establishment, dedicated to water and trout conservation. We don’t use bait here. Never have, never will, because we want to keep our cold water fisheries preserved and maintain our native trout population. Bait fishing has its place and is how most of us started out fishing as a youth. However, catch and release fly fishing is what we do and we leave the bait fishing to others.

Questions You SHOULD Ask Your Guide

> What are reasonable expectations I should have for today?

> In your experience, what kind of flies should we use today?

> Could you help me work on my cast today and give me your advice?

> Is there anything I can help you with?

> If I wanted to come out on my own, what areas should I look for?

Now that you’ve read some of least favorite fly fishing questions, you can be a little prepared for your next guided Montana fishing trip. In all honesty, none of us a Stillwater Anglers will judge you or be rude to you for asking these questions, we really just want you to have a great time. As the saying goes, the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked.

Especially if you are a little new to the fishing scene, we would love to help cover the basics and get you feeling comfortable and confident out on the water. Book a guided tour with us or stop by the fly shop, and get some pointers from seasoned anglers about what to expect on your next trip!

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