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Fly Fish the Bighorn River

Bighorn River, Montana
Available Year Round
Shuttle Provided
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We can fish the calm waters of the Bighorn River year round. A trip to the Bighorn River takes a bit more travel time than the other rivers, so you must have the extra time in your schedule to fish this river. Our favorite 15 to 20 mile stretch of the Bighorn begins just past the Yellowtail Dam. That area of the river has proven to offer world-class wild trout fishing, making the extra travel and time worth the trip.

Our Guides enjoy float trips along the calm waters of the Bighorn River, located about two hours from our Columbus, Montana shop. Like many Montana rivers, the Bighorn River is a tributary of the Yellowstone. The Bighorn River is a calm, clear water river. The depth of the river varies, and fish can be found holding in shallow riffles as runs and tail outs. The Bighorn River is the most eastern Montana river. Much of the land it runs through is privately owned or Indian owned land. With very few public shallow wading access areas, the river is primarily accessed for fishing by boat. Our favorite 15 to 20 mile stretch of the Bighorn begins just past the Yellowtail Dam. That area of the river becomes a world-class wild trout fishery. A typical catch is a mix of Browns and Rainbows. Anglers frequent the Bighorn River year round because of it’s high fish count per-mile and potential for catching large browns or rainbows.

The Bighorn is a great option for advanced anglers, and beginners can have a great time, too! A typical day of fishing consists of meeting at either the shop or other pre-arranged location and heading to the river. The Bighorn is approximately a two hour drive from Columbus, so driving time needs to be factored in on both ends of the day. To ensure ample fishing time, only a full day guided float trip is available (no half day guided trips to the Bighorn are available). Current fishing and weather conditions, client preferences, and client experience will determine the specific section to be floated for that day. Nymph fishing is usually the preferred tactic, but the Bighorn also offers dry fly action during some excellent hatches as well as streamer fishing.

We both fish from the boat as well as stop and wade fish at selected spots along the way.

Yellowstone Montana Overnight Fly Fishing Trip

What to Bring With You

If you're fishing in the spring or fall, or even early summer, breathable waders are a must, along with the technical clothing to go along with the system. Summer time temperatures can get well into the upper 90s allowing for wet wading during the day. A good rain jacket is essential also.


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 Polarized sun glasses: polarized lenses are a must!

 Rain gear (thunderstorms can happen at any time).

  Fleece jacket and pants, particularly in the spring and fall and later in the summer.

  Wet wading gear-quick dry pants or shorts.

  A good hat.

  Sunscreen and chapstick.


  Fishing license: Pick up ahead of time either on line at Montana FWP web site, or at a local licensing provider.

Stillwater Anglers provides trips tailored to meet your individual needs and desires. We give you a total quality outdoor experience. Basic fly fishing instructions are included, and additional lessons can be arranged. We have guides available who are dedicated to working with avid anglers, novices, and children alike.




What's Included

Trip includes the use of all gear, flies, leaders, tippet, tackle, non-alcoholic beverages, shuttle transportation, and transportation to and from the river. Full day trips also include lunches and snacks.

The Day of Your Trip

The day starts and ends at a pre-arranged location, to and from which we shuttle you to the river. You will likely be on the river fishing by mid-morning. If yours is an all-day trip, we stop mid-day for a streamside lunch and the opportunity for additional wade fishing, relaxation, and nature watching.

Custom Guided Trips

We mainly fish the Stillwater, Yellowstone, and Bighorn Rivers, but trips can be made to other waters out of the Columbus/Stillwater Valley area with prior arrangements. While our focus is on fly fishing, spin fisher persons and non-fishing passengers are also welcome.

Watercraft and Conservation

Depending on the river fished and the prevailing water conditions, we use either rafts or drift boats for our guided float trips. These crafts comfortably accommodate two anglers, all of their personal belongings, extra gear and tackle, plus a cooler for lunch and beverages. During the trip, we practice catch and release plus other conservation measures and practices.


Gratuities are not included in the prices listed above. Tipping your guide your personal choice, based on your degree of satisfaction with the guide's services. Generally, the amount should reflect your guide's effort, helpfulness, attitude and courtesy. If you would like guidance on determining a gratuity we would be glad to help.

Deposit Policy

A 50% deposit is required to reserve each day. Deposits can be made using credit card, cash, check or money order. Once a deposit is received by Stillwater Anglers, trip dates are scheduled and guides and boats are reserved. The balance due is payable no later than upon completion of the trip(s).

Refund Policy

Deposits will be refunded in full if the trip is canceled at least twenty one (21) days prior to the scheduled trip date. Deposits will be forfeited if the trip is canceled within twenty one (21) days of the scheduled trip date. Deposits may be applied towards a new trip date if rescheduled at least twenty one (21) days prior to the originally scheduled trip date. Cancellations within a week of the trip date without a reschedule date booked will be charged full fee. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can lead to canceled trips, and we reserve the right to make refund decisions on a case by case basis. Your deposit confirms acceptance of our rate and refund policy.