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How To Get Ready For Your Montana Fishing Trip

You’ve done it! You’ve finally booked your first guided Montana fishing trip. Now you’re wondering how to prepare for one of the best trips of your life! Don’t worry, here we’ve compiled a list of everything you’ll need and need to know before you head out to the river. Whether you’re with your kids, your spouse, or just a group of friends, we’ll make sure that you feel prepared and ready for a wonderful day fly fishing on Montana river.

Read on as we answer frequently asked questions, give you a list of what to bring, and provide tips to help you have a successful trip.

Montana Fishing Trip – How To Get Ready For It

Now that you’ve booked your guided Montana fishing trip, you’re ready for the ultimate outdoor adventure. Beginners or expert anglers, we guarantee that no matter your experience level, you’ll have a blast! Here’s what you’ll need to prepare:

A Checklist of Items To Bring

Polarized Sunglasses – It can get very bright out there. Protect your eyes from the sun and read the stream easier with sunglasses.

A Good Hat – A hat can shield you from the sun and protect your eyes. A hat also makes a good place to store random flies, keep the sun off your neck, or rep your favorite fly shop! (Hint: we offer really great hats at Stillwater Anglers!)

Rain Gear – If you live in Montana full time, you know that the weather can change in an instant. The summer is prone to random bursts of thunderstorms, so come prepared!

Wading Gear – Want to get in the water? Then make sure you bring waders and boots or quick dry pants and shorts. If you don’t own them, don’t worry! You can rent gear from us.

Sunscreen and Chapstick – Especially during the summer months, it can get HOT. Make sure you protect your skin by using high SPF sunscreen and chapstick. No one likes a sunburn!

Camera – If you’ve been on a guided Montana fishing trip before, you know that it’s a blast. You’ll want to capture all the joy you and your family or friends are having, or at least take pictures of all the trout you’ll catch!

Fishing License – Last but not definitely not least, you need a fishing license! Lucky for you, you can buy them at The Stillwater Anglers Fly Shop before your trip.

Fly Fishing Equipment To Bring (Or Rent!)

When you book a Montana fishing trip with us, standard fly fishing equipment is all you really need. However, if you don’t own any equipment or this is your first time, the use of our equipment is included in your cost! We got you covered so that you can worry less and get to relaxing on the river more!

Here’s a list of what you get:

Fly Rods

Dry Fly Rod: 8’6″-9′ 5-6wt

Streamer Rod: 9′ 6-8wt

Nymph Rod: 8’6″-9′ 5-‘6wt

Reels and Fly Lines

We provide standard trout reels that have a minimum of 50 yards of backing and weight forward floating lines. This is ideal for all dry fly and nymph rods/reels. We also recommend a 15’ sink tip line is also recommended for your streamer rod.

Flies, Leaders, and Tippets

Though you are welcome to stop by The Fly Shop and browse through all of our flies and ask for recommendations, your guide will bring all necessary tackle for the day. Find a fly you like and want to use again? Definitely stop by the shop at the end of the day and let us give you all of our favorite recommendations so you’ll be ready when you go out on your own!

Ask us what flies work for what seasons. Your guide will also know what hatches are in full steam this time of year, which should be considered when stocking up on fly fishing flies!


Consider Staying A While

Did you book a multiple day Montana fishing trip? We’ve got great recommendations for where you should stay. Here are a few of our favorite places you should consider:

Blue Ribbon Run on the Stillwater River – Our personal favorite, book this 1 bedroom/1 bath private apartment that is located on the banks of the Stillwater River. Book on Airbnb: and mention Stillwater Anglers when booking!

Yellowstone River Lodge & Cabins – (9 miles east of Columbus) Give them a call at (406) 322-8474.

Blue Sky Cabins – These great cabins are located in Red Lodge in the heart of Big Sky Country. Nestled at the foot of the beautiful Absaroka/Beartooth Mountain Range & Wilderness. Book at their website now:

Stillwater Lodge – The Stillwater Lodge has six distinctive rooms and are very nice and quaint. They are close to all the amenities you need. Check out their website ( or give them a call today at (406) 328-4899.

Stop By The Fly Shop

A great way to prepare for a guided Montana fishing trip is to stop by the fly shop! Stock up on anything you might need, and get answers to any last minute questions. We have cool gear, fun accessories, and lots of equipment to ensure a great day on the water.

Stillwater Anglers is a full-service retail fly shop and outfitters. We provide trips tailored to meet your personal needs and desires. It is our goal to make sure you get a total quality outdoor experience. We can even provide basic fly fishing instructions for beginners. All of our guides are seasoned anglers and they are used to working with avid anglers, new anglers, and children alike.

At the end of the day though, the goal is to have fun! Our guided trips are meant to be easy and stress-free. Create lifelong memories with your family, friends, and even your coworkers with a guided trip that no one will forget. Let us take care of everything. Just show up with snacks and water and get ready for an amazing day of fly fishing.