Stillwater Anglers Fly Tying Videos

Want to be a Great Angler? Start with these 16 Fly Tying Videos

If you really want to be a great angler, check out the best fly tying videos you can find online and enjoy the thrill of catching fish on a fly that you tied!

The Best Fly Tying Videos Online

You may already know some of these techniques, so we have divided the videos into 4 major categories. This way, you can easily get to the one you have yet to master.

Dry Fly Patterns

This category contains dry fly tying videos and step by step instructions of great dry fly patterns. Each video teaches you the fly patterns, tips and techniques.

    1. Adams Dry Fly Pattern

The Adams dry fly is the creation of Leonard Adams from Mayfield. Here is a step by step video that shows you how to create this popular, versatile and effective dry fly.

Adams Dry Fly Pattern & Tying Instructions

    2. Al’s Trico Pattern

Al’s trico is easy to tie for the average angler. It is the creation of Al Miller of Pennsylvania. Here is a video tutorial on how to create it.

Al’s Trico Pattern & Tying Instructions

Emerger Patterns

The fly tying emerger pattern is easy to master with these two detailed videos. These videos will show you effective patterns and all the facts you need to know about the emerger technique

    3.Bird of Prey Caddis Pattern

John Anderson’s Bird of Prey Caddis is an adaptable and effective pattern for anglers. You can change the colors and sizes to create imitations for a wide range of Caddis fly species.

Bird of Prey Caddis Pattern & Tying Instructions

   4.Ginny Midge Pattern

The Ginny Midge is a super simple midge pattern perfect for those beginners who want to tie real small knots.

Ginny Midge Pattern & Tying Instructions

Nymph Patterns

Nymph patterns are also easy to master. Choose your favorite or master both of them!

    5. Al’s Rat Pattern

Al Miller developed Al’s Rat for catching finicky trout on Pennsylvania limestone streams. Here is a short video on how to create the Al’s rat pattern for your own expeditions.

Al’s Rat Pattern & Tying Instructions

    6. Chimarra Caddis Larva Pattern

The Chimarra or little black Sedge is a small black caddis. If you’re looking for a special fly fishing trip, try fishing (and imitating) it bright yellow and orange larva in February and March. Here is a short video on how to create the Chimarra Caddis pattern.

Chimarra Caddis Larva Pattern & Tying Instructions

Antron Egg Pattern & Tying Instructions

    7. Allison Streamer Pattern

Mike Appello was the one who developed the Allison Streamer pattern by borrowing elements from Jack Gartside’s soft hackle streamer. You will love the classic sparse beauty and subtle coloration of this pattern

Allison Streamer Pattern & Tying Instructions

    8. Autumn Splendor Pattern

Tim Heng developed the Autumn splendor. Here is a video to learn about this pattern and tie like Tim.

Autumn Splendor Pattern & Tying Instructions

Eight Tying Techniques that You Need to Know

    9. Counter wrapping Intelligence

Counter wrapping is a challenge especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Here is a short video that shows you how seasoned anglers do it.

Counter wrapping intelligence

    10. Making a Neat Head oMn a Fly

This video shows you how to create a durable head on the fly that’s also small and neat.

Making a neat head on a fly.

    11. Stripping Peacock Quills

Stripped peacock quills make beautiful flies because of their natural coloration. Here is a short video on how to strip them in preparation for tying.

Stripped peacock quills.

    12. Clipping, Cleaning and Stacking Hair

In this video you will learn how to clip, clean and stack just about any type of hair used in fly tying. Have your tying scissors ready.

Clipping, cleaning and stacking hair.

    13. Making a Dubbing Loop

This video shows you how to twist dubbing loops and create the body of the fly.

Making a dubbing loop

    14. Split Thread Dubbing

With this video, you will learn how to create brushy natural-looking bodies on flies.

Split thread dubbing

    15. Non-Slip Loop Knot

It is time consuming to create the non-slip loop knot. Yet it is a knot every fisherman should know. Here is a short video about it.

Non-slip loop knot.

    16. Touch Dubbing

Touch dubbing makes it easy for you to start taking wraps with your thread. Here is a short video that shows you the basic tricks for it.

Touch dubbing

After watching some or all of these fly tying videos, you are definitely ready for a successful day on the tying vise. Make sure you get out there as soon as possible and practice what you have learned! And don’t forget that any of our seasoned guides can show you the ropes when you book a guided tour!