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3 Guided Fishing Trips in Montana as Amazing as You’d Imagine

Montana is a special place for fishing trips for so many different reasons. The amazing combination of an abundance of wild trout, seclusion from the rest of the busy world, and scenery you won’t find anywhere makes it a go to place for anglers across the country. There’s a special kind of beauty in fishing all day without seeing anyone else on the river. Plus when you book guided fishing trips with us, you’ll get to experience new stretches of water that you might never have experienced before. 

Our experienced guides will take you up and down beautiful Montana rivers at your own pace, without the pressure of competition or the worry of running into large groups of people. Here we go over 3 of our guided fishing trip options that are better than you ever imagined and exceed all of your expectations.

Easy Guide To The Best Guided Fishing Trips In Montana

Every person who has taken one of our guided fishing trips says the same thing, they are astounded by how many fish they catch and how easy it is to have a fun day out on the water. Whether you want to fish the iconic and popular Yellowstone River, the Stillwater River which our shop is named after, or the calm and fulfilling Bighorn River, we’ve got a trip to meet every experience level. 

Yellowstone River

You probably already know that The Yellowstone River is one of Montana’s most famous rivers. It’s known for being nearly 700 miles long, and is the longest river in the contiguous United States without a dam. It runs downstream through South Central and Southeastern Montana to the Missouri River in North Dakota and spans in width from 75 to 300 feet. It’s also a popular spot for anglers because of its abundance of trout. You’ll love where our guided fish trips take place, a prime stretch where the river starts to broaden and the water slows. It’s the least crowded portion of the river, and a favorite spot for local anglers. 

It’s also a great place to fish as it meets up with The Stillwater River, which provides a cold influx of water and an increase in fish numbers. This 50 mile stretch of blue ribbon trout water lies just downstream of Big Timber and Livingston. You’ll find a mix of large rainbow trout, an abundance of browns, and of course the native Rocky Mountain Whitefish. 

The Yellowstone is a great spot for fly fishing fanatics, as it provides something for novice anglers and experts alike. We don’t have to travel far for this one, as the river is just a quick jump away from our Columbus, MT based Fly Shop. We have float or walk and wade trips available in the spring, summer, and fall. We’ll shuttle you down and provide you with lunch, full fishing gear and equipment, and tackle too!

Stillwater River

Though the Stillwater River is smaller, it’s one of our favorite places for fly fishing. Booking guided fishing trips with us here gives you an outstanding view of Montana mountains. Though the name suggests otherwise, the Stillwater river is full of heavy rapids. However, with experienced guides, there are many opportunities along this 70 mile stretch of river to fish and wade. These waters are home to rainbow and brown trout that you’ll love catching all day long.

Book a full or half day group trip for the whole family or a team bonding trip with the office. Float or walk and wade all summer long. Just like above, we’ll shuttle your group to the river, feed you lunch, and provide all the gear you need. Whatever type of trip you’re looking for, The Stillwater River provides an amazing outdoor fly fishing adventure that you and your family will love.

Bighorn River

The Bighorn River has always been a favorite among our experienced fly fishing guides. Located about two hours from our fly shop, this calm clear water river is a tributary of the Yellowstone. The fish here usually like to hang out in shallow riffles along the river. Primarily this river is accessed by boat, and you’ll love how relaxing our float trips can be. We have a favorite stretch that runs about 15-20 miles we take anglers to is just past the Yellowtail Dam. This area of The Bighorn River is a world-class trout fishery where you can catch a mix of large brown trout and rainbow trout. Anglers love this river because of its high catch rate and because of the opportunity to catch great fish all year long. 

Book a trip on the Bighorn, and you’ll see that the extra travel time is worth it! 

Bonus – Overnight Package

Our bonus guided fishing trip is our all-inclusive overnight trip with lodging. We include nearly everything you need for a successful few days on the river. You love staying at our Blue Ribbon Run full furnished apartment located on the Stillwater River. Our overnight lodging trips are priced per person and includes lodging, use of all gear, tackle, leaders, tippet, and shuttle transportation to and from the river. 

Our guided fly fishing and lodging package includes 1-2 anglers and gives you two full days and three nights lodging and gives you the full immersion experience you’ve been wanting. Meals aren’t included, but you’ll love experiencing some of the local places. 

What To Bring

The right clothing is crucial for a great day out on the water. If you’re fishing in the spring, early summer or fall, you’ll definitely want some breathable waders. Summer temperatures can get really hot, but rain can be unpredictable. Also pack a good rain jacket just in case storms strike. Here’s a quick checklist of what you should bring:

  • Rain gear
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Fleece jacket and pants
  • Wet wading gear
  • A protective hat
  • Sunscreen and chapstick with spf 
  • Camera
  • Fishing license

You can find almost everything you need, including fishing licenses at the fly shop beforehand or the day of your trip. At Stillwater Anglers, we provide custom trips that are tailored to meet your individual needs and desires so that you get nothing but a high quality outdoor experience. We even have guides who are dedicated to working with novice anglers and can give you the basic instructions and tips you need for a successful day.

Don’t worry about fly fishing gear. Standard trout fly fishing equipment is all that is required for a fly fishing trip to any of the above rivers. Even if you don’t have your own rod/reel or boots and waders, the cost of your trip covers all the gear you need! You’ll get fly rods, reels, fly lines, flies, leaders, and tippets. Your guide provides all the tackle needed for the day, but you can purchase any of the flies you want at the fly shop.

Book Your Guided Fishing Trips Today

Each of our guided fishing trips starts and ends at a pre-arranged location so that we can shuttle together as a group to the river. If your fishing trip is an all day trip, then we’ll take a break midday for lunch and the opportunity for wade fishing, relaxing and some sightseeing. Though we typically fish the Yellowstone, the Stillwater, and Bighorn Rivers, other trips can be arranged. 

We recommend booking a full day float so that you can take full advantage of everything Montana rivers have to offer, but we do offer half day trips too! Sometimes you don’t have time for a full day of fly fishing, or you’re bringing your young kids and aren’t sure how they will handle being out on the river. Whatever time you have, we’d love to book a trip with you out on the Yellowstone.

Ready to book your trip? Make a reservation online or give us a call at The Fly Shop today and start planning your guided fishing trips now before our calendar gets filled up!