Stillwater Anglers Guided Trip Packages

Guided Trip Packages That Will Make You Want To Fly Fish

Living in Montana,  you’ll have no doubts that the fly fishing here is world renown. One visit to any of the rivers in south-central Montana and you’ll fall in love. Anglers from all over come to get their chance at Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout, and more. Being in the fly fishing business for years has allowed us to cultivate certain guided trip packages that meet the wants and needs of all types of anglers.

Stillwater Anglers offers a variety of walk/wade or float Montana fly fishing trips that you can choose from. It’s our goal to provide you with a complete outdoor trout fishing experience that you will love. Here we go over all the different packages so that you get the best trip based on your interests and time. We can even customize your trip so that you have time to fish more than one river!

How To Choose The Right Guided Trip Packages

When it comes to choosing the right trip for you and your family or friends, you really can’t go wrong with any of our trips. With accomplished and well-seasoned guides, as well as some of the top-quality fly fishing gear, we will make sure that you enjoy only the best Montana fly fishing experiences.

Browse through our guided trip packages and decide which one you’d like to book with us this summer.

What To Expect From Each Trip

Each of our guided trip packages includes full day and half day options. When you book a full day with us, a shuttle is provided to the river, lunch is included, and so is full gear and tackle. We want you to have a stress free experience you’ll never forget, which is why we’ve got you covered when it comes to gear and equipment.

In south-central Montana, you don’t need a whole bunch of fancy equipment. Even if you don’t have your own boots and waders or your own rod/reel, don’t worry! Here’s what’s included in the cost of your trip:

Fly Rods

  • Dry Fly Rod: 8’6″-9′ 5-6wt
  • Nymph Rod: 8’6″-9′ 5-‘6wt
  • Streamer Rod: 9′ 6-8wt

Reels and Fly Lines

We’ll provide you with standard trout reels that have a minimum of 50 yards of backing and weight forward floating lines that are equipped for dry fly and nymph rods/reels. We also recommend a 15’ sink tip line for your streamer rod.

Flies, Leaders, and Tippets

Your specific guide at Stillwater Anglers will furnish all necessary tackle for your fly fishing trip. You can also purchase any of these options for fishing on your own. Just stop by the Fly Shop and we will be happy to make recommendations for you.

The Day Of

You’ll start your day at a pre-arranged location, where we will shuttle you to and from the river. By mid-morning, you’ll be on the river fishing. When you book an all-day trip, we take a break mid-day for a streamside lunch. You’ll also have the opportunity for additional wade fishing and relaxation in the great outdoors.

What to Bring With You

Whatever season you’re fishing in, you want to have breathable waders and technical clothing so that you’re ready for any weather. In the summer, temperatures can get very hot, and you’ll definitely want to wade in the cool water. But since Montana is so unpredictable, you’ll want a good rain jacket too! Here is a checklist of what you should bring:

  • Sunglasses: (polarized lenses are a must!)
  • Rain gear (just in case)
  • Fleece jacket and pants
  • Wet wading gear (try quick dry pants or shorts)
  • A hat
  • Sunscreen and chapstick
  • Camera.
  • Fishing license (we carry them at the shop)

A Full Day On The Stillwater River

Maybe it’s obvious because we’re named Stillwater Anglers, but if you want a fly fishing adventure you’ll never forget, then the Stillwater River is where we’d start. Though its waters are pristine, it is often overlooked as the Yellowstone River is much more popular. However, a day on the Stillwater includes a handful of prime trout fishing sections, which includes rainbow and brown trout. A full day on the Stillwater River will give you ample opportunity to wade.

Though the Stillwater River is one of the smaller rivers in Montana, it is still nearly 70 miles long and is a tributary river of the Yellowstone. The Stillwater River is incorrectly named, as most of the river contains heavy rapids that only experienced river guides should navigate. This river is one of our favorites, because not only is the fishing amazing, but you also get outstanding Montana mountain views.

Typically our guides float the stretch of the Stillwater that meets the Yellowstone, at which point you’ll commonly see larger rainbow and brown trout and even some Rocky Mountain Whitefish.

Fly Fish The Yellowstone River

The Yellowstone River is just a quick jump from our Columbus, MT fly shop. The Yellowstone River is a highlight for anyone who loves fly fishing, as it is known around the world for its world-class trout. You can fly fish for trout in this prime stretch of water during the spring, summer, or fall!

You already know that the Yellowstone River is one of Montana’s best-known rivers. It is nearly 700 miles long and is one of the longest undammed rivers in the United States. It gets it’s cold and clear water from its Yellowstone Park tributaries and runs downstream through South Central and Southeastern Montana to the Missouri River in North Dakota.

When you book a guided float with us, we will start on the stretch where the river begins to broaden and the water slows down. We choose a spot that is the least crowded, a spot that is typically fished by local anglers. It meets up with the Stillwater River, which makes a cold and clear flow of water and fish numbers. Along this beautiful 50 mile stretch of blue ribbon trout waters just downstream of Big Timber and Livingston, you’ll find a mix of Rocky Mountain Whitefish, browns, and rainbows.

Bighorn River Fly Fishing

We love offering guided trip packages on the Bighorn River because you can fish the calm waters year round. Stillwater Anglers has a favorite 15-20 miles stretch that begins just past the Yellowtail Dam, but it takes a little more travel time than the other rivers. It’s worth it though because this area of the river has proven to offer amazing wild trout fishing that will create a trip you’ll never forget.

Roughly two hours from our Columbus, Montana fly shop, you and our guides will enjoy a float trip on the Bighorn River, as the water is usually calm and clear. A tributary of the Yellowstone, the depth of this river varies, and trout can be found in shallow riffles and tail outs. Because much of the land that the Bighorn runs through is privately owned or Indian owned land, there are only a few public shallow wading access areas that are primarily accessed by boat. You’ll find a mix of browns and rainbows here all year round.

The Bighorn River is a great option for advanced anglers, but we’ve never heard our beginners complain! When you book a guided trip at the Bighorn River, you’ll either meet us at the shop or another pre-arranged location. Because there is extra travel time, there are no half day trips available for this river. We’ll check the fishing and weather conditions and ask about your experience level before we decide which specific section will be floated that day. Whether it’s nymph fishing or dry fly action, your guide will know what the best tactic is to have a great day catching fish.

Overnight Guided Fly Fishing And Lodging Package

When you’re ready to get away, an overnight guided fly fishing package is perfect for you. This is an all-inclusive fly fishing trip with lodging that includes everything you need for a great couple of days on the river. You’ll stay at Blue Ribbon run, a private fully furnished apartment located on the Stillwater River. This lodging trip is priced per person so that you get everything you need – lodging, gear, flies, leaders, tippets, tackle, and shuttle transportation.

Perfect for one to two anglers, so you and your partner can have that fishing getaway you’ve been dreaming about. You get two full days of guided floating and three nights of lodging. Lodging can include up to four people, and you can request additional guides and boats if you have more people you’d like to include. Meals are not included in this trip, but the apartment has a full kitchen so you can prepare before fishing each day.

Gear Rentals and Trip Insurance

One of the great things about our guided trips is that you don’t have to have all the gear or any experience. We offer an assortment of TFO Rods™, Ross Reels, and Simms® boots and even waders in a variety of sizes. Our full gear rental option also includes lanyards equipped with all the tools you’ll need. Plus, our guides will show you how to use them if you need help, and give you suggestions for a successful day.

Stillwater Anglers is now pleased to offer trip insurance for your guided fly fishing trip. Use iTravelInsured to guard against unexpected interruption or cancelation of your trip. They are able to offer a variety of products at a discounted rate to our clients. Get a quote now to insure all or part of your expenses, and check out what other coverage options they have.

It is our goal and our pleasure to provide guided trip packages that are tailored to meet your individual needs and desires. As a full-service retail shop and outdoor outfitter, we want to give you an experience you’ll never forget. All of our guides are dedicated not only to fly fishing, but to working with experienced fishers, novice anglers, and children alike.

Ready to book your trip? Get started today!