How Much To Tip Fly Fishing Guide In Montana

How Much To Tip A Fly Fishing Guide In Montana (And Other Tips)

Have you booked a guided fly fishing trip recently? Then you know that your guide has the knowledge and experience, as well as the local history to make sure that your day on the river is fantastic. You’ve had an amazing day spent with your expert guide who has not only given you amazing tips but has shown you all the best fly fishing spots along the way and probably even snagged a great photo of you with the trout you caught. Before you say goodbye for the day, it’s time to tip your guide and reward his efforts. Maybe you’re struggling with how much to tip a fly fishing guide in Montana. 

Here we go over everything you need to know about how much to tip and why we think tipping is a good idea. 

Everything You Need To Know About How Much To Tip A Fly Fishing Guide In Montana

Just like when you’re at a restaurant or another service industry, tipping is a way of rewarding good service, and it applies to experienced anglers as well. The difference between an amazing day on the river vs a rough day is the right guide. Let’s first talk about why you should tip your guide and then we’ll discuss what is the respectable amount to give.

Why Tip Your Guide?

We know that many anglers don’t know what is expected or what etiquette calls for when it comes to rewarding a guide for the day. We get it, different types of trips call for different etiquette rules. When you work with a smaller shop like us, the owner and our guides are doing all the work. They make sure that the boat is taken care of, they provide the gear and tackle themselves, they are the ones doing the grocery shopping for lunch. 

On top of that, when you book a trip with us, you’re also paying for the experience and knowledge that the guides have. Most of our licensed guides have years and years of experience on the very river they are taking you to. They know it as well as they know themselves, and they are eager to share their tips and spots with you. 

When you tip your guide, you’re showing them that you appreciate their service and recognize his experience. Plus, tipping well can establish a good relationship with your guide so that you’ll have an even better time when you book them again.

15-20% Is Typical Rate

Now that we’ve discussed a couple of reasons why you should tip your guide, let’s discuss just how much is acceptable. We think that in most cases, you can follow the same customary standards that work for most tipping situations. Typically if you’re happy with the service, you’ll tip about 15-20% of the cost of the trip. If you weren’t thrilled with the service, drop it down to 10%. Typically that comes out to about $50-$100 per day of your fishing trip, depending on how hard your guide worked and whether or not they met your needs.

However, we know that sometimes a simple percentage doesn’t make sense. If you’re booking a huge $5000 multi-day package at a fancy resort, you most likely aren’t going to be tipping hundreds of dollars a day. Oftentimes your website will give you some tipping guidelines. Unless otherwise stated though, a tip is just a suggestion. You should definitely tip what you think is fair, a little more for phenomenal service, and a little less for service that didn’t meet your expectations. 

Keep in mind that even if you paid a lot of money for a guided fishing trip, there are several factors that your guide can’t control. Whether it’s bad weather, changes in water flow rates, drastic rain, really high temperature, and more – your guide will try to fight against Mother Nature to make sure you have a great day. It’s their job to help you catch fish and give you whatever you need to have a fun day out on the water. Sometimes though, the chaotic weather and unknown factors can make for an exciting and memorable day that you and your family or friends won’t forget anytime soon.

Tip Your Guide With Cash

No matter how much you decide to tip, the best way to do it is in cash. Typically your guide won’t have a credit card reader handy, and since typically you pay online, it’s just much more convenient to bring cash with you. 

Another quick tip is that if you’re organizing a group trip, make sure your buddies know the expectations for tipping too. Usually, in a group setting, anglers can split tips, but it helps if everyone has a warning in advance. It might be a good idea to just tip the entire thing yourself and then split it amongst yourselves later. 

Book A Guided Trip With Our Experts Guides Today

We think that one of the things that sets our outfitting services apart from the rest is that our trips are all-inclusive. That means after the price of your trip, the only thing you will have to buy is your fishing license, which you can do at The Fly Shop on the day of your trip. Our trips include all the gear you’ll need, including rods, reel, boots and waders, flies, terminal tackle, and even lunch and drinks. Our guides will also transport you to and from the river. 

At Stillwater Anglers, our guides are the best in the area, and they work hard to put you on the fish. At the end of the day, gratuities aren’t included or even required, but they are customary in this industry. When you book a trip with us, you’ll see the difference in our service and we guarantee you’ll have a great time whether you’re a first-time angler or someone who has been fishing their whole life. Book a trip with us today and let us show you an awesome day out on the water.