Stillwater Anglers Choose Fly Fishing

10 Reasons You Should Choose Fly Fishing to Be Happy

Have you ever had to choose between fly fishing and a night out? I can bet that most Montana residents have. And it’s only natural given what the Big Sky State has to offer in terms of scenery and fishing spots. Why should you choose fly fishing as a means to be happy, you ask? Well, keep on reading and find out why we think it’s better than the wildest night out!

Want No Regrets? 10 Reasons to Always Choose Fly Fishing

As an angler, I have also had to make that choice a few times, and I always chose fly fishing. Here’s why:

1.   You Get to Learn about Nature

You’ll spend time in nature and see spectacular scenery, both on land and water. In my book, this is more of an adventure than pub hunting.

2.   You Can Connect with other Anglers

A lot of people see fly fishing as a solitary experience, completely opposed to hanging out with your buddies in a pub or restaurant. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. When you have a common passion, discussions with other anglers can be even more enlightening on the river.

3.   It’s a Relaxing Sport

Fly fishing is a relaxing sport. Whether you are fishing alone or with a fellow angler, the peacefulness of being on the river is unparalleled. And yes, it is much more relaxing than a night out in a crowded and noisy pub.

4.   Fly Fishing Is Fun and Memorable

Can you remember your last 10 times going out? Well, I can remember each and every of my fly fishing trips. That’s because no two are alike and you’ll never know when the next big adventure will happen.

5.   Fly Fishing Takes You to Amazing Places

As an angler and a fly fishing guide, I’ve been fortunate to fish many different waters, However, I have yet to discover all the amazing places in Montana. Yes, we all have a favorite spot, but discovering new, breathtaking ones is a one of a kind thrill.

6.   You Can Catch Different Species

Yes, trout is the most common one species we fish for in Montana. But did you know you can also fish for and catch a few different species with a fly rod? Nature evolves continuously so fly fishing on the Montana rivers will never get dull.

7.   It’s Challenging

One of the things that make fly fishing addictive is that it’s challenging. It is a hobby that takes practice, especially when it comes to learning how to cast or how to tie a fly. Plus, there is always room for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in the “game” for.

8.   Fly Fishing Keeps You Fit

Here’s something that can’t be said about throwing back a few cold ones. Going out to the bar will not get you fit. And when you choose fly fishing, you don’t have to ride in a boat throughout the whole river. You’ll exercise naturally by walking and wading in the river, along with casting will work many of your muscles, along with requiring balance and coordination.

9.   You Can Make New Friends

As a fly fishing guide, I’ve seen many groups that started out as strangers and, by the end of the trip, they were the best of friends. Being on the river helps you bond like nothing else.

10.   Fly Fishing Keeps You Smart

Experienced anglers know that it takes skills and practice to catch a fish. We also know that, if you want to out-do yourself, you can’t just cast and hope for the best. You have to come up with new strategies to find the best spots, to read the waters and to lure fish. And if that isn’t jogging for your brain, I don’t know what is!

What about you? What things do you do that make you happy? Do you choose fly fishing or a night on the town? Let us know in the comment section below.