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Top 11 Products You Need At Stillwater Anglers Outfitters

Looking for new fly fishing gear? At Stillwater Anglers Outfitters, we pride ourselves on carrying products that we personally use and love. We try out all of the products we carry here at the store, and get feedback from both our expert fly fishing guides and our customers. When you need gear that you can trust to make your experience better, stop by the fly shop! We’d love to discuss gear, talk technique, and swap recommendations for what you use. 

Whether you’re just getting into the sport or are a seasoned angler, we have products that you and the whole family will enjoy. 

Your Guide To The Best Gear Sold At Stillwater Anglers Outfitters Fly Shop

When you need fly fishing gear, Stillwater Anglers outfitters have what you need for a great fly fishing experience. Read on as we discuss some of our favorite products, in no particular order.

High N Dry Floatant Products

High N Dry Floatant Products are a best seller at our Stillwater Angler Outfitters Fly shop. Their gel, liquid, and powdered floatant were specifically designed for anglers who like to take control of how they dress their flies. The gel floatant is great for applying to specific areas of their flies, while the liquid is great for fishers that prefer to dip their flies entirely. The powder floatant and desiccant, on the other hand, is great for reviving a drowned fly.

Each product is environmentally friendly and each container is designed to make sure that you have maximum control when applying. 

Scientific Anglers Leaders, Tippets and Fly Lines

At Stillwater Anglers fly shop, we provide many Scientific Anglers products, including their leaders, tippets, and fly lines. We love Scientific Anglers because they have managed to create high quality products that have been thoroughly researched and they enable anglers to enjoy the simple aspects of the sport. 

They’ve done the work when it comes to the physics of fly fishing, and the various impacts that come with polymeric coatings, taper structure, contrustrion of leaders, tippets, and fly lines, and how they work in the water. Find all of your favorite Scientific Anglers products at our Stillwater Anglers outfitters and feel free to ask us about which ones we recommend!

Montana Fly Company Flies

We proudly stock Montana Fly Company Flies and Fly Boxes at the Fly Shop too. Choose from a wide variety of dry flies, nymphs, streamers, lake flies, steelhead, and more. We get new flies in every year so your collection can stay up to date. 

Stop by and browse through our racks of flies, and get a beautiful custom River Map Waterproof Fly Box to put all of your favorite flies in. 

Fishpond packs and accessories

When you come to our Stillwater Anglers Outfitters Fly Shop, you’ll find a great collection of Fishpond packs and accessories. Fishpond products are great because they are functional, comfortable, easy to use, and stylish. They are the best when it comes to outdoor adventure, and you’ll love how easy it is to store everything you need for a day on the river. 

Plus, Fishpond is a family owned company that is passionate about protecting natural resources and provides quality products to everyone who loves nature as much as they do. 

Winston Fly Rods

If you’re looking for a new fly rod, then you should know that Winston Fly rods are some of the best on the market. We love them because they create options to meet the needs of every angler. Their aim is to provide products that are unmatched in their performance and provide great tools for anglers looking to hone their techniques.

St. Croix Fly Rods

We also have St. Croix Fly Rods at the Fly Shop, and they are some of the best when it comes to the technology of fly rods in the fly fishing industry. They are unwavering in their search to provide lighter, stronger, and more responsive. These rods have integrated poly curve technology, advanced reinforcing technology, a fortified resin system, and taper enhancement technology.

Redington Fly Rods and Reels

Looking for rods and reels? Redington Fly Rods and Reels are great for beginners and experts alike. Choose from a variety of fast action, moderate-fast action, moderate, and slow action rods. Their mission is simple, helping people fish better and have better overall experiences out on the water. 

We’d love to discuss with you which rod you might fit your needs best, so ask us when you stop by the shop.

Echo Fly Rods

At Stillwater Anglers Outfitters, we only stock products from companies who actually love to fish. Echo Fly Fishing is a small and personable company that dedicates their entire lives to designing amazing fly rods and reels that are accurate and easy to use.

They sell their rods and reels almost exclusively through their fly shop dealer network. We love them because they know that fly shops like us are the heart and soul of fly fishing, and they are committed to supporting local and family owned businesses. 

TFO Fly Rods

Temple Fork Outfitters provides us at Stillwater Anglers great fly rods that fit our needs and don’t break the bank. They are dedicated to designing fly fishing rods that optimize the balance between great performance and price. Their main focuses are high-end power and performance, sophisticated and elegant designs, and keeping expenses low.

We love TFO because they believe that the more anglers there are, the more conservation-minded outdoor enthusiasts there will be to take care of the wilderness and waters we love.

Ross Fly Reels

Ross Fly Reels are sturdy, reliable, and a great addition to add to your fly fishing gear. They are committed to inspiring adventure, and are constantly working towards exceeding the expectations of even the most technical angler. If you want the satisfaction of a great catch, then you’ll definitely love how Ross fly reels can work for you. 

Stop by the shop and ask us about which fly reels will work best for you and your fishing style. 


Simms Fishing Products

We’ve been proud supporters of Simms Fishing Products for years. They have a mission we can get behind – create amazing products that will inspire people to fish. Simms wants to lower the barrier that holds people back from exploring the great outdoors and getting out on the water. 

Just like us, they’ve seen the power that fly fishing has to unite people together, relieve stress, restore our waters, and create happiness. Their products allow us to live better lives, and you’ll find a plethora of their high quality fly fishing products in our fly shop. 

Get Your Gear At Stillwater Anglers Outfitters

This list is just a taste of what we offer in our store. When you need the best fly fishing products available, then look no further than your favorite stillwater outfitters, Stillwater Anglers. We would love to give you more of our tried and true recommendations and let you see for yourself how good gear can make a better fly fishing experience. We can also order almost anything that we don’t have in the shop, so if you don’t see what you need, just ask!

We personally back every product we stock at The Fly Shop, and we’d love to help you stock up your personal collection or even help you rent gear for your next trip. We are currently open, and honoring social distancing guidelines to accommodate our customers. This means we are limiting the number of customers in our shop, and we’ll have a sanitation station upon entering or exiting. For customers who request it, we’ll also be offering curbside pickup service. Just give us a call, send us an email or text, and we’ll have everything ready to go.