[ARCHIVE] Stillwater River Report 7/24/2017

Flows on the Stillwater are on the decline and water temperatures have warmed up a bit. Fish are starting to seek out cooler, more oxygenated water. Float fishing has continued to be excellent, particularly floating the upper river. Float anglers are starting to fish the lower river.

Nymphs like a prince, red copper john, hare’s ear, or beadhead flashback pheasant tail set up on a long dropper off of a big dry like a Chubby Chernobyl, PMX, stimulator or a Jack Cabe are consistently taking fish. PMDs are coming off sporadically in the early afternoon and fish are hitting the small dry then. Some Yellow Sallys and Golden Stones here and there too.

As the afternoon goes on, fish are coming up for the big dry, particularly on days where there is a little afternoon cloud cover. If float fishing, a Purple Haze thrown right on the banks has continued to be the hot ticket. The streamer bite has been excellent too using the Grinch or a black or olive bugger.

The flows are still up, so use caution when wade fishing. Remember that he Stillwater River road remains closed above Cliff Swallow due to a rock slide.

By Chris Fleck River Reports