[ARCHIVE] Stillwater River Report 06/10/2019

Flows have been fluctuating in response to weather patterns. Flows shot up dramatically with warmer weather last week, but with cooler temperatures over the weekend, the river dropped back down. When the river is on the drop, the lower river is still considerably off color. Even though it can still be on the high side and swift, when dropping, the upper river has generally been clear enough to fish. Fish the very edge seams. Nymphing is likely the best option, with black, brown and coffee colored rubber leg patterns like girdle bugs and Pat’s rubber legs, or a san juan worm as well as similar colored stonefly patterns. In off color water, use a color contrast of darker color patterns like black buggers or the Grinch either dead drifted or stripped. It’s also time to start fishing big dry flies like a Chubby or PMX with a beadhead nymph dropper in the softer inside water. The river will likely continue to fluctuate in response to temperatures and rain events. Runoff is nowhere near over. Look for smaller tributaries, tail waters and lakes to fish in the meantime.

By Chris Fleck River Reports