[ARCHIVE] Stillwater River Report 4/6/2020

Stillwater 4/6: With warmer weather, the river and banks have cleared of ice and snow. The water temperature remains very cold. As it warms, the lower river may have some color kicking in from the tributaries. Nymphing with small beadheads like a red copper john or midge patterns is a good option. Try a jig hook Optic Nerve Hare’s Ear or Pheasant Tail as a lead fly with no split shot in the shallower water and drop the smaller nymph off of the back. There’s quite a bit of rock snot in spots, making it challenging to keep the nymphs clean. There have been midges on most afternoons, so look for sippers on the edges and in back eddy pools. BWOs may also be coming off in the afternoons as well if the wind doesn’t knock them down. Try a #18 parachute BWO, parachute adams, or purple haze along with a smallish size emerger. Also try fishing a small streamer like a Grinch with a beadhead nymph like a prince, hare’s ear, copper john or pheasant tail dropped off of the back. Look for March Browns to start showing up as the water temperature warms a bit. You can float the lower river but be prepared to drag your boat in 3-4 spots. As of the writing of this report, FASs remain open for fishing following the guidelines for social distancing.

By Chris Fleck River Reports


  • Hey Chris how’s the river look today with flows up over the past couple days? Thanks for the report!

    Alina Garner,
    • Hi Alina. The lower river has added some color with the warmer weather this week. May want to get above the Rosebud confluence.

      Chris Fleck,
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