Stillwater and Yellowstone Flyfishing River Reports

[ARCHIVE] Stillwater River Report 6/22/2020

Stillwater 6/22: The river is on the drop, warming and clearing. It’s rounding into primo post runoff shape. Salmon flies have started to be seen here and there, so start to look to fish them. Fishing stonefly nymphs and rubber leg patterns like a girdle bug or pat’s rubber leg has been successful for most anglers. Also fishing a san juan or jiggly worm or dark color wooly bugger dead drifting with a sink tip line or with enough weight to get it down is a good tactic in heavier water. Also try fishing a big dry like a Chubby with a long dropper to a rubber leg pattern. The major salmonfly and golden stone hatch should be going off anytime and catching the leading edge of it can make for some fantastic fishing. Once that happens, fish the big bugs and get ready to set!

By Chris Fleck River Reports