Stillwater and Yellowstone Flyfishing River Reports

[ARCHIVE] Stillwater River Report 6/8/2020

Stillwater 6/8: Cooler weather the early part of the week has dropped and cleared flows significantly. It’s still running high, swift and cold though so don’t be fooled. f you can find a less swift and clearer piece of water or side channel to fish, try a girdle bug, rubber leg pattern, san juan worm or dark color wooly bugger with enough weight to get it down. Another tactic is to fish a big Chubby with a girdle bug or rubber leg pattern on a long dropper. If floating the upper river, clearance on the bridges is tight, particularly with a fishing frame raft. There will likely be another bump in flows with warm weather before it drops and clears for good. Continue to use extreme caution, particularly with children, along the banks as they can be undercut.

By Chris Fleck River Reports