Stillwater and Yellowstone Flyfishing River Reports

[ARCHIVE] Stillwater River Report 7/13/2020

Stillwater 7/13: Fish are starting to look up and eat the dry fly with some regularity. Bigger dries like PMXs, Stimulators, Jack Cabe and smaller size chubbies have been taking fish in the late morning as have dropper nymphs like smaller size prince nymphs and red copper johns. There may be some PMDs and caddis in the afternoons and searching likely water with a size 14-16 dry fly pattern can produce. Another good combination has been to fish a double dry setup with a purple haze as a lead spotter fly trailed by a size 14 Jack Cabe. Stillwater fish love the Jack Cabe. Try the rubber leg variant too as a bigger dry pattern. There may be Golden Stones and Yellow Sallys coming off, so have those patterns as well. Straight nymphing in the main river channel with rubber leg patterns like Pat’s rubber legs and girdle bugs has been productive as well. The upper river is still holding out for floating for at least a few more days.

By Chris Fleck River Reports