[ARCHIVE] Stillwater River Report 9/18/2017

Flows spiked with the rain last week and added some color, but have since dropped down to near normal levels. Float fishing can be a tough in spots, but is doable Jeffrey’s and below. Some anglers have done well wade fishing on the upper river with smaller dry flies and an emerger of some sort. There may be rising fish mid to late morning.

A small dry like a purple haze or parachute adams with a pheasant tail or sparkle pupa trailer fly is working well. Nymphs like a prince, psycho prince, red copper john, hare’s ear, or beadhead flashback pheasant tail set up on a long dropper off of a big dry like a Yellowstone¬†Chubby, Chubby Chernobyl, Fat Frank, PMX, stimulator or a Jack Cabe are taking fish too. There may be some occasional caddis, particularly later in the day. On overcast and/or rainy days, streamer fishing or dead drifting with the Grinch or a black or olive bugger should be a good option for float fishermen. Also look for BWOs to come off and if they do, fish a small dry fly. The Stillwater River road is now open for through traffic.

By Chris Fleck River Reports