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Reasons Why A Yellowstone Angler Makes The Best Guide

Though our name is Stillwater Anglers, we also offer amazing guided trips on The Yellowstone River. There are so many reasons why guided trips are amazing, and if you’ve never experienced one, we are sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. However, we get lots of people asking why someone who already knows how to fish would hire a guide. Here we give you some reasons why a Yellowstone Angler makes the best guide, and why even other seasoned anglers would benefit from hiring a guide.

Still skeptical? Read on as we try to convince why you’ll want to hire an experienced fly fisherman for your next fishing expedition.

10 Reasons Why You Need A Yellowstone Angler Guide

We get anglers from all skill levels hiring us for our guided trip packages. From first time fishers to people who practically grew up on the river,  everyone is welcome. We’ve found that most people who love to fish also love to learn, and a guided trip is the perfect place to learn new things.

A Yellowstone Angler Is Experienced

When you hire a Yellowstone Angler, you’re getting a guide who is experienced fishing on the Yellowstone River. We hire guides that know the river and have spent considerable time fishing it. Several of our guides grew up in the area and have fished the river all of their lives.  Each of our fly fishing guides at Stillwater Anglers is a seasoned angler, and they are each properly licensed. This means that you know without a doubt that you are getting a guide who can answer your questions and give you an amazing experience.

Regardless of whether you’re a novice angler or someone who has a lifetime of fly fishing under your belt, a day with one of our Yellowstone anglers will be one you never forget!

They Have Expert Tips and Tricks

Hiring a fly fishing guide to accompany you on the Yellowstone, Bighorn, or Stillwater River means you get someone who is ready to teach you what they know. They became guides for a reason. Each Yellowstone angler is patient, ready to guide you through each cast and answer all of your questions.

Ask them why they passed on a certain spot. Inquire about the flies they are using, why they have certain gear, and how they perfected their casting technique. With Stillwater Anglers guides, you get insider tips and tricks that you might not have learned if you went fishing by yourself, so make sure you capitalize on their knowledge!

Good Fishing Comes Naturally To Them

Have you ever met someone who was naturally good at the thing they loved? Isn’t it fun to watch someone who is good at their craft? You should hire a Yellowstone angler from Stillwater Anglers because fly fishing comes easily to them. They’ve been doing it for years. Even a slow day without many fish is a great day on the water to them.

Fly fishing is what we live for. That means we are committed to including you in the process and showing you a fun and safe experience. It comes naturally to us because we’ve been doing it for so long and practice every chance we get.

You’ll Fish The Best Spots

This might seem obvious. If you plan a guided trip with one of our seasoned anglers, it is a given that they will take you to the best spots. Keep in mind however that some spots that have given them success in the past might be different today. They can’t control nature, or where the fish are. The fish might be biting one fly great one day, and then ignore it the next.

Luckily for you, your guide knows how to read the stream and pay attention to the natural insects flying around. They will show the best spots and give you tips on what to look for when you go out alone.

They Are Patient

We only hire top-notch guides, fly fishers who love to share the experience and put others first. They love fly fishing so much that they’ve made it their mission to teach others how. You should feel nothing but comfortable learning and perfecting your skills with them.

Bring your family and let our guides help them polish their cast, master a new technique, or even just help them understand the basics. No matter your skill level, our experienced team members make great company and will do their best to make sure you have a great day.

They Will Maximize Your Fishing Trip

Hiring a guide for a full or half day trip is a smart choice on your part. They do most of the planning for you. All you have to do is show up and fish! Rent gear from us if you’d like, and let your guide take you on an adventure. They will tell you when to show up, what to bring, and they will even give you insight on what flies to use.

Don’t stress yourself out with planning a trip for you and your friends or your family. Instead, let us do the planning for you. Tell us what kind of trip you want, and we will make sure you have everything you need for a great day!

You’ll Learn From A Local’s Perspective

Especially if you’re not from here, and you came to Montana just for the excellent fly fishing, you’ll want to hire a local. They will teach about each local river and give you the insight you need about the fish that call these waters home. You’ll learn everything you need to know plus some extra insider tips that you might not get by just reading up about the rivers online.

Our expert guides are knowledgeable and professional, but above all, they love Montana! Fly fishing in south-central Montana is their passion, and you’ll feel it on every trip you go on.

They Give You Access To More Flies and Gear

We understand that not every person who wants to go on a fly fishing adventure has all the cool gear that we have. Which is why we offer gear rentals so you can worry less and have more fun. Join us on our boat and let us equip you with reels and fly leads, flies, leaders, and tippets. Use of all the necessary gear and equipment is included in our basic trip cost.

You’ll have access to everything you need to catch some fish. The guides are always willing to share their flies and show you what is working for them and how to get the most out of your trip.

A Yellowstone Angler Takes The Pressure Off

Like we said earlier, a Yellowstone angler makes your day easy! You don’t have to make sure everyone is happy and be in charge of the boat and the route. Instead, you’ll get to enjoy the day along with your friends, partner, or family. With most of our full day trips, we even feed you lunch!

Browse through all of our packages and pick the one that is right for you. You deserve a great fly fishing trip. Let us make it easy and take all the stress out of it for you.

You’ll Have The Best Day Ever

The last reason we think you should hire Stillwater Anglers when you’re considering a fly fishing expedition is that we guarantee you’ll have an amazing day. Read through all of our reviews and let us show you why fly fishing is our favorite activity.

You’ll have a safe and positive experience with our seasoned guides, and you’ll learn more than you would if you went out on your own. Whether you’re looking for a new fly fishing challenge, or you want a relaxing day out on the water, we tailor each trip to your wants and needs.

Once you’ve been on a trip with us, you’ll want to go on so many more. Many of our clients have become regulars and fish with us again every season. We’d love to experience Montana rivers with you, and show you how to catch fish the Stillwater Anglers way.

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