[ARCHIVE] Yellowstone River Report 4/27/2020

Yellowstone 4/27: The river has had some color, so most anglers have been streamer fishing. The Grinch allowed to sink and stripped slow has been the ticket. Trail a beadhead nymph of some sort off the back as well. For nymphing, a Pat’s rubber leg, girdle bug, pepperoni yuk bug or stonefly pattern with a smaller beadhead nymph like a poxyback march brown, hare’s ear, prince, batman, optic nerve, or pheasant tail, midge or Lil’ Spanker as a dropper has been picking up fish in most runs and around gravel bars. March Browns have been showing up most afternoons if it’s not too windy. Don’t hesitate to throw a dry fly in likely water even if there’s no apparent activity. If there are rising fish, look to fish a smaller size Purple Haze or BWO dun pattern with a cripple, emerger, RS@ or smoke jumper trailed off of it by 12″ or so. Midges are likely to appear as well. Look for sippers in the foam back eddys. As the water temperature continues to warm, expect to see caddis begin to come off as well, As with the Stillwater, there are plenty of caddis nymphs in the rocks. Pay attention to weather activity upstream on the tributary systems and in the Parks that will result in off color water.

By Chris Fleck River Reports