[ARCHIVE] Yellowstone River Report 04/30/18

Running noticeably higher and off color through Columbus. While higher flows and off color water are coming from higher up the river, the Shields is a main culprit of off color water. It’s a tough sell to fish the Yellowstone in the area. The cottonwood hatch may get here before the caddis hatch. If you’re determined to give it a go, nymphing with black, brown and coffee colored rubber leg patterns like girdle bugs and Pat’s rubber legs, as well as similar colored stonefly patterns or the san juan worm is likely the best option. Black and darker color streamer patterns like the Grinch or a black bugger are a good option in off color water as well. With warmer weather, runoff will be here to stay. At some, it will be best to just stay away from it. That may be coming sooner rather than later.

By Chris Fleck River Reports