[ARCHIVE] Yellowstone River Report 08/26/19

While it’s cooled off some the last week or so, hopper fishing is still going strong. From mid to late morning on, fish are on the hopper. It’s not good enough any longer to merely pound the banks with a Chubby. Fish have seen a zillion artificial flies as well as the real ones by now, so don’t hesitate to vary it up. Search out different water too. All types of hoppers are taking fish in all types of water. Try the Yellowstoner Chubby, Yeti Hopper, Fat Frank and Pink Pookie in pink, peach, olive or grape body colors in size 10-14. Nymphing is usually a good way to start out the day early as fish have been gorging on nocturnal stones. Try fishing a big rubber leg nymph like a girdle bug, Pat’s rubber leg or bitch creek. Make sure to use a long enough leader and weight to get it down in the heavy water. For streamer fishing, using the Grinch, Kreelex, Bow River bugger, Sparkle Minnow patterns, Sculpin patterns and basic black buggers. Fish are eating the dry fly early too, so fish a Jack Cabe, stimulator, PMX or Purple Haze. If they’re not hitting the big dry or hopper consistently, drop a bead head nymph on a long dropper off of it. Also, keep a Purple Haze, Parachute Adams and Caddis handy for any rising fish. Tricos have also started making their appearance in the early mornings. Look for rising fish in the slick water tailouts and foam lines. If fish are on them and rising, a smaller size purple haze or parachute adams will usually get the job done. Cooler mornings have helped the water temperature, but it’s still best to use as heavy of tackle as possible, play and land fish promptly and minimize their handling.

By Chris Fleck River Reports