[ARCHIVE] Yellowstone River Report 08/5/19

Nymphing is usually a good way to start out the day. Try fishing a big rubber leg nymph like a girdle bug, Pat’s rubber leg or bitch creek. Make sure to use a long enough leader and weight to get it down in the heavy water. For streamer fishing, using the Grinch, Kreelex, Bow River bugger, Sparkle Minnow patterns, Sculpin patterns and basic black buggers. For dry fly anglers, fish a Jack Cabe, stimulator, PMX or Chubby. Fish are hitting the hopper patterns by late morning. Try the Yellowstoner Chubby, Yeti Hopper, or Fat Frank in pink, olive or grape body colors in size 10-14, If they’re not hitting the big dry, drop a bead head nymph off of it. Also, keep a Purple Haze, Parachute Adams and Caddis handy for any rising fish. With the recent hot weather, the water temperature has been climbing. It’s time to consider fishing earlier in the day so as not to stress the fish in the warmer wAs with its sister drainage the Stillwater, the river has rounding into shape. Best bet still is to go up above the natural bridge. Fish stimulators, PMXs, and Jack Cabes for searching patterns. For rising fish try smaller dries like the purple haze, parachute adams,Caddis,, humpys and royal wulff.

By Chris Fleck River Reports