[ARCHIVE] Yellowstone River Report 07/22/19

It’s rounded into shape. and he fish are on the bite Clarity is good and flows have dropped. Try fishing a big rubber leg nymph like a girdle bug, Pat’s rubber leg or bitch creek on a long dropper off of a Chubby in the softer water between the main current and the bank. Streamer fish using the Grinch, Kreelex, Bow River bugger, Sparkle Minnow patterns, Sculpin patterns and basic black buggers. For dry fly anglers, fish a Jack Cabe, stimulator, PMX or Chubby. If they’re not hitting the big dry, drop a bead head nymph off of it. Keep a Purple Haze, Parachute Adams and Caddis handy for any rising fish.

By Chris Fleck River Reports