[ARCHIVE] Yellowstone River Report 09/17/18

Early in the day, try a nymph on a long dropper off of a large dry fly, straight nymph or streamer fish. By later in the morning as things warm up, fish will start to look for the dry fly or hopper. Rubber leg nymphs like a Hare’s Ear, Prince, Batman or Fox Squirrel #12-14 are making good dropper nymphs. For hopper patterns, tan, peach, purple, pink and olive body colors are good choices in a Yellowstoner Chubby or Fat Frank. Small parachute hoppers in a double dry set up with a larger lead hopper pattern is a good afternoon option. Fish are also eating the small dry like a Purple Haze when fishing likely holding water. The Micro Chubbys in purple, tan and gold are good choices as well. Tricos are out by mid-morning on some days, so go down a size or two on a Purple Haze or Parachute Adams as a trailer 12” or so off of a larger spotter fly as a double dry setup. Look for risers in the slick flats and foam lines. There can be some big heads coming up! If float fishing, note that the road at the Indian Fort FAS at Reed Point remains closed.

By Chris Fleck River Reports